Welcome to another vagina blog.

Yes, this is another vagina blog.

Not that there are a ton (I mean, are there? I should Google, but I’m scared of what such a search could render). But I have come across a few in my day, researching my condition. Search terms like “vulvodynia,” “vaginismus,” “vaginal pain,” or simply “why does my vag hurt?” and if you’re lucky, you’ll come across a personal blog or two. Most of the searches lead to medical websites, but if you’re in the same boat as me, then you know there is sadly very little information out there.

If you are like me, then you’ve read “The V Book,” “The Vulvodynia Survival Guide,” “Ending Female Pain,” and other such fun tomes. You may have started your journey towards better health. Maybe you were diagnosed by your gyno. Perhaps you’ve been to some specialists. Maybe you’re way ahead of me and have successfully completed pelvic floor therapy, with positive results, or recovered from vaginal surgery of some kind.

I have struggled with both vulvodynia (vulvar pain, for the uninitiated) and vaginismus (muscle tension, in short) my entire life, as I know it. It’s kind of a long story, which I’ll share in upcoming posts. For now, I just want to get out there… I’m six years into my diagnosis and have seen a lot of doctors, and tried all kinds of things. What I need, as I continue treatment, is a place to chronicle this journey, and share what I know, however limited I might be.

What I hope, if you’re reading this, is that we can connect and share tips and tricks, however weird they might be (vinegar baths? Why the hell not?), and also learn that, very importantly, we are not alone in this. I have to admit, I feel pretty alone, and I’m not exactly the touchy-feely support group type. Like many in my age group (late twenties), I was raised on computers and much prefer the distant, somewhat anonymous support of my fellow sufferers via the interwebs. Maybe someday I’ll change, and crave more human contact, but for now I hope this will do.

So, if you’re out there, and suffering, and want to scream and cry and smash stuff… Go for it. But please be safe. And then please come back here, give me a shout, and we’ll chat.

Better yet, if you’re a fairy godmother and possess some magic pixie dust vagina-healing remedy, please sprinkle it on me, wave your sparkly wand, and we’ll do a merry dance under the maypole, like a cross between Renaissance Faire devotees and a tampon commercial, reveling in the joy of our lady parts.

Nope, I’m not on any meds. Yet.

I’ve set up an email account and Twitter just for this blog! How ’bout that? Follow me @TheVulvoDiva or drop a line at vulvodiva@gmail.com.

Whoever you are… I hope you’ll be sassy, be sexy, and be well!